energy and resource efficient construction at a price the planet can afford

energy and resource efficient construction at a price the planet can afford

Loken Builders has been involved in hundreds of building projects in the Missoula area. Several of these projects have won regional and national awards for their ecological design, use of recycled building materials, and attention to detail. Please browse samples of our work below, then contact Loken Builders to discuss your own building project.

Bonner Park

Bonner Park ThumbLoken Builders removed the existing driveway, and re-used the broken pieces of the driveway slab,as "Dry-Stack" landscaping retaining wall (Urbanite) and avoided landfilling. A new family room was added, where the old garage had been. The new addition was very well insulated, and the interior mostly redone, including refinishing of the basement, while thermally upgrading the perimeter walls, re-roofing, and adding some newer, better insulated windows, and exterior doors.


Howell Street

Howell ThumbLoken Builders remodeled this drab box home in central Missoula into an attractive Craftsman style bungalow.  Some of the green building materials used in this remodel include the following:

  • Fiber cement siding
  • Sustainable cedar saver shingles
  • Reused beams and timbers on exterior porches
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Energy efficient windows
Phillips Street

Philips Street ThumbThis was the worst looking house in the neighborhood, derelict, but lived in, with a small landfill of waste tires, and junked cars in the rear yard. Loken Builders re-divided  the lot, so that we could put two houses, as urban infill on a poorly utilized existing lot. Restoration of the street scape included establishing the boulevard, planting trees there to reduce the urban heat island effect, and establishing xeric grasses. All storm water is kept on site for both homes.


Kaiser House Hotel

Kaiser ThumbLoken Builders remodeled this 1880s historic brick hotel in the heart of downtown Philipsburg Montana.  Bringing the building back to its former glory, Loken Builders repainted outside brick walls, added metal balconies, domed awning, and a new membrane roof.  Interior work included adding new light fixtures, new energy efficient heating system, re-glazed thermal windows, newly insulated sheetrock walls, and refurbished exposed interior brick walls.

Orvilla Building

austin ThumbLocated in old downtown Missoula, the Ovilla Building was completely remodeled while retaining its historic character.  Loken Builders salvaged 85% of the lumber in the interior of the building and re-milled it into furniture.  Loken Builders won a Montana historical preservation award for this remodel (one of three similar awards won by Loken Builders over the past twenty years).

Medicine Tree Clinic, St. Ignatius, Montana

Medice Tree Clinic ThumbThis 13,000 square foot medical clinic features highly efficient ground source heat pumps for cooling and heating. Cement block were used from a local manufacturer. The site also features used of natural day lighting which reduces the use of electric lights. A salvaged maple floor from a demolished high school in nearby Frenchtown was used in one of the conference rooms.

Austin Apartments

austin ThumbOriginally built in the 1920s, this rundown multifamily housing complex was formerly a neighborhood general store. Loken Builders restored the original character of the building, and added many new green building features, including well insulated entry and storm doors, energy efficient windows and superinsulated walls, Other green building features include a photovoltaic electric and solar hot water systems and a rooftop rainwater collection system used for irrigating the surrounding landscape.  Ecological landscaping elements include boulevard reclamation tree planting, the introduction of hundreds of xeric plants and permeable parking pavement

Handleman Home

Timber Tech ThumbHandleman's innovative home was designed by Jamie Hoffman Architect, and the house is Super-insulated, with a Heat Recovery Ventilation system, Hot water in-floor heat with a 96% efficient boiler (with Side-arm storage tank). Loken Builders used a lot of salvaged beams and timbers. Cedar-Saver Shingles on the gable ends of the structures were created utilizing Loken Builders' own construction woodwaste, which was resawn, and installed to mimic cedar shingles on the house. Metal siding was also used and its rusting accelerated to allow the home to better blend in with it's forest surroundings.


austin ThumbRattlesnake Canyon, Missoula: ReCRAFT 90 is a 2,400 sq. ft. single-family home featuring more than 40 resource efficient building materials, and using only about 20% of the dimensional lumber that is needed for a conventional wood-framed residence.   Loken Builders accomplished this by using stress-skin Styrofoam walls in place of traiditional wood studs.  Interior walls were constructed from gypsum board and recycled newsprint.  And wood waste materials were used in the subflooring.

Sussex Avenue

sussex ThumbLoken Builders fully updated this 1930s bungalow in Missoula University District, featuring the use of many sustainable building approaches, and bringing back the original Craftsman style features of the original home. Including:

  • Recycled “urbanite” retaining walls on front curb
  • Use of concrete “ecopavers” to retain water in back yard patio
  • Low-volatile paint (low VOC) from historically accurate palette used throughout
  • Two fireplaces restored to original brick, new Craftsman-style hearths installed
Timber Tech Home

Timber Tech Thumb“Timber-Tech” is a two bedroom home that makes a small footprint on the land. Designed and built by Loken Builders, this Missoula home features engineered wood, recovered wood fiber, and salvaged lumber in an affordable home.  At less than 1000 square feet, the home was built on an urban infill lot, thus making best use of existing infrastructure, while decreasing the suburban sprawl that is swallowing open space on the edges of Missoula.