energy and resource efficient construction at a price the planet can afford

energy and resource efficient construction at a price the planet can afford

"Green Building is energy conservation in new clothes. If you look at the environmental impact of all the stuff in the green building program, the impact of energy conservation is huge.  Compared to that the impact of the materials you choose is small."

-Steve Loken, Keynote Speaker,

“Greening the 21st Century,”
Seattle Washington,  March 2005

"Steve Loken appears as a leading builder at many conferences and programs throughout the country.  He is a vocal spokesperson for Green Building, and certainly a Leader/Visionary.   Loken focuses on new and clever ways to work better with materials resulting in energy conservation."

-Professional Builder Magazine, January 1999

"Over the past few years, Loken has become something of a guru to the alternative-materials  movement among builders.  He travels the country regularly giving lectures about his building techniques."

--Parade Magazine, March 1996

Steve Loken has been an international keynote speaker and sustainable building consultant in Finland, Japan, and Australia, as well as many regional and national green building conferences throughout the United States. Steve is a nationally-recognized energy and home building expert, with expertise not only in green building and regenerative building design, but also in sustainable community redesign.

Loken Builders signIn addition to his speaking venues, Loken is often hired as a green building consultant for state and federal energy agencies, including the Bonneville Power Administration and state energy offices in Washington, Montana, New York, and other states Steve has spoken and taught at industry- and government-sponsored conferences, seminars and workshops around the world for the past 30 years.

An accomplished builder himself, Steve relates easily to other builders, and brings a wealth of experience and insight to his presentations.  Steve paints captivating pictures of the future of green building, and weaves together national and international examples of builders and communities getting things right.  Steve is a sought-after keynote speaker for national building conferences, federal or state energy agencies, or sustainability symposiums for general audiences.

Steve has consulted on resource efficient building for national corporations, public utilities and municipalities. He has also consulted on industrial ecology issues in Finland and Australia as well as design and material selection for demonstration building projects and private buildings throughout the United States. Steve has worked with a wide variety of organizations and companies, including Amoco Chemical Company and the Japanese Government and Industry, and the Danish Housing and Systems Technology.

In addition to his other speaking and consulting roles, Steve also founded the nonprofit Center for Resourceful Building Technologies (CRBT), which he directed from 1990 until 2001.


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Recent Consulting and Speaking Engagements

Montana Climate Change Action PlanSteve Loken, Committee member
Montana Climate Change Advisory Committee (CCAC).

Steve Loken served for two years on an advisory committee established by the Governor of Montana  to develop for specific state actions for reducing or sequestering greenhouse gas emissions.  The Committee also identified opportunities to promote energy efficient technologies and clean, renewable energy resources that will enhance Montana’s economic growth. Loken contributed much of the information about the role of green building design in reducing carbon emissions in Montana.






Repowering Montana:A Blueprint for Homegrown Energy Self-RelianceSteve Loken, Coauthor

Repowering Montana:A Blueprint for Homegrown Energy Self-Reliance

How all of Montana's power needs can be met using conservation and clean, renewable energy while creating jobs, saving money, and revitalizing rural and urban communities.2008



Milwaukee REE Housing Model DesignMilwaukee REE Housing Model Design

City of Milwaukee—Resource and Energy Efficiency Housing Model Design (creative approach to job creative by training workers to dismantle abandoned inner-city housing in Milwaukee, and then use the salvaged and recycled building materials in new, affordable housing.  Steve Loken served as project consultant.   Project nominated for a 2000 HUD Best Practices award.





Imagining the New WestSteve Loken, Conference Panelist

“Imagining the New West—What’s Next”





BioneersSteve Loken, Keynote Speaker

Bioneers Conference,  Bozeman, Montana




Under the Big Sky Greening ConferenceSteve Loken, Keynote Speaker
“Green Construction in Yellowstone—Sustainability and Building Materials”

Under the Big Sky Greening Conference
Big Sky, Montana 2003


Basics of Green Building SeminarSteve Loken, Keynote Speaker

Basics of Green Building Seminar, October 2008
Helena College of Technology, Helena MT


Passive Solar Construction lectureSteve Loken, Speaker

Passive Solar Construction lecture
February 2009



ExplorationWorksSteve Loken, Speaker
Home Energy Efficiency Seminar—low-hanging fruit

Helena, MT. January 29, 2009

Home Energy Efficiency Seminar. Steve Loken, Missoula's own pioneer green builder, spoke about "low–hanging fruit" for home efficiency retrofits. People came to hear about specific projects at specific price points – from pennies to $3000.


Last Chance Audubon SoceityLast Chance Audubon Society
2007 Natural History Lecture Series
April 10: Steve Loken of Loken Builders in Missoula, talked about Environmentally sound building design and construction and energy conservation. He also had examples of some of the materials he advocates.



Built Green ConferenceSteve Loken, Keynote Speaker
Built Green Conference, “Greening in the 21st Century”
March 2005



National Association of Home BuildersSteve Loken, Keynote Speaker
“Building Homes and Environmental Quality”

National Association of Home Builders
1st Annual Green Conference
Denver, Colorado
August 1999