energy and resource efficient construction at a price the planet can afford

energy and resource efficient construction at a price the planet can afford

"We wanted to update the building as part of a sustainable project, and considered no one but Loken Builders for the job.  We wanted to restore balance to the building, yet still maintain its historical value."

-Commercial building owner, quoted in Montana Design Magazine, 2009

"“Viable alternatives to traditional building design and materials exist, and forward-thinking professionals like Steve Loken are coming up with solutions."

--California Builder

Loken Builders is a full-service building designer and contractor.  We focus on building restoration and remodeling, building additions, urban infill projects, historic renovation, and new construction.  In all of our work we strive to reduce the use of energy, water, and building materials  and construction waste.  Our clients in the greater Missoula area can testify to the quality of our work.

Loken Builders fully utilizes “green building” practices, and focuses on “regenerative construction.”   We incorporate ecological design principles that ensure that the building both supports and benefits from natural systems.

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Loken Builders Approach to “Regenerative Construction”

1.    Upgrade Energy Efficiency in the Project (Reduce Heat Loss)
2.    Incorporate passive solar design elements (where appropriate)
3.    Employ space-efficient designs
4.    Fit Project into Existing Urban Infrastructure
5.    Employ integrated design principles
6.    Reuse building materials salvaged from other building projects
7.    Use locally available materials whenever possible
8.    Use recycled content materials
9.    Innovative wastewater and storm water design and conservation
10.    Use low-flow water fixtures
11.    Use low VOC materials
12.    Ensure good indoor air quality with heat recovery and natural ventilation.
13.    Recycle all job site construction materials
14.    Design the surrounding landscape with ecological principles
15.    Foster walkable neighborhoods

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