energy and resource efficient construction at a price the planet can afford

energy and resource efficient construction at a price the planet can afford

"Being green shouldn't be trendy — Sustainable building and living is common sense, not being hip to keep up with the Joneses"

-Lori Grannis,  Western Montana In Business Monthly, July 2007

UM FLAT Ecovillage Project

Dakota Greens Detail by Michael Coles

The UM FLAT or Forum for Living with Appropriate Technology is University-owned home that  will serve as a resource to demonstrate sustainable living practices. Over time, the student-run organization develop programs and courses that will serve as educational resources to UM students. One of the first objectives is to complete an energy retrofit to a single home and garage, and expand to offer this type of renovation to other University-owned homes on the same block.  The ultimate goal of the project is to  create an energy efficient eco-village at The University of Montana. 

Loken Builders is a general building contractor for the University of Montana’s  “Forum for Living with Appropriate Technology  (FLAT) project.  This demonstration project is coordinating the renovation of a detached garage into a more ecological community meeting space.  The project includes the  use of 100% recycled fly ash for the floor, reusing exterior cedar siding, installing trombe walls to capture passive solar energy, and demonstrating several types of wall insulation.  More information on this project available on the FLAT website below.

UM FLAT Website